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Chen Ping is best known for her debut Shaw Brothers' film, The Kiss of Death, that marked her entry into erotic movies which became her trademark.
Chen Ping

Chen Ping (born 1948, age 67) is a Taiwanese actress, best known for her erotic films in the 1970s. Her sexy preformance in her debut film with Shaw Brothers, The Kiss of Death, directed by Ho Meng Hua, propelled her into instant stardom. In total, Chen Ping played 49 movies, mostly erotic roles.

2.  Brief biography: Born Chen Shu Xia in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Chen Ping began her acting career at the age of 16 in Taiwanese TV, on the recommendation of Ko Chun Hsiung, a Taiwanese actor who played in many 1970s and 1980s Hong Kong productions. She appeared in a number of Taiwanese-dialect movies, as well as in TTV's television series.

In 1970, Chen Ping worked in Hong Kong for the first time, appearing in Chu Yuan's Cold Blade. In 1972, then aged 25, she made her Shaw debut in Ho Meng Hua's notorious The Kiss of Death. The Kiss of Death was a big box-office hits, and marked Chen Ping's entry into a genre which later one became her trademark: erotic movies. Her permissive performance in that movie paved her way to success with Shaw Brothers who soon recognized the value of this lovely and candid young talent. Thus her debut was followed by movies such as Sexy Playgirls, Sinful Adulteress, The Golden Lotus, Women Of Desire, Crazy Sex, and many more.

Being one of Hong Kong's most prominent erotic stars, Chen Ping scored her biggest successes in the 1970s. In 1979, she played in Chu Yuan's Murder Plot and then vanished from the silver screen until 1981. Before playing her last role for the Shaw Brothers in the 1983 movie, Take Care, Your Majesty, an erotic horror movie directed by Li Han Hsiang, she was in three other movies.

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